Loving Marriage Weekend 

One of the ministries that American Family Services conducts is the Loving Marriages Weekends. These are conducted in both California and Pennsylvania only. Since 1983, more than 5,000 couples have benefited from attending a Weekend.

The Weekends are designed to enrich, strengthen, sustain and preserve marriages.

They are conducted without charge to couples, as a gift of God’s grace for blessing and edification.

They are available to couples who have been married at least one year and who are within two hours driving radius to the event location.

These weekends are by invitation only and are designed for married couples who already have a good marriage and are looking to make it even better.

The Weekends cover 36 hours of intensive teaching which brings a refreshing and newness in marriage relationships. This makes for a happy home and is passed down from generation to generation.

When children see their parents having a good, loving, healthy relationship, they are joyous and happy, and become self-confident and full of self-esteem in adulthood.

For further information, please telephone 610-351-3069.