About Us

American Family Services

American Family Services is not a church, nor do we sponsor a church or do we compete with a church. The mission of American Family Services is to assist churches in strengthening families.

We do this through Loving Marriage Weekends, FREE Family Lending Libraries and providing subsidized Day Care.

American Family Services is registered in both the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the state of California as a religious not for profit organization.

The ministry of American Family Services is funded entirely by American Family Services Foundation and United Family Associates Foundation. The sole purpose of these foundations is to generate income from the operation of Family Thrift Shops specifically to fund our ministry programs.

American Family Services Foundation

The sole purpose of American Family Services Foundation is to generate income from the operation of Family Thrift Shoppes, to provide funding to the ministry program of American Family Services.

Through the generosity of faithful donors our foundations receive quality second hand merchandise to sell in the Family Thrift Shops.

Our store operation priority is to have clean neatly organized and well managed shops that are an attractive and appealing place for our customers to shop.

We have a well-designed solicitation and truck pick up program. The donated items are neatly stacked on the trucks and brought into the store for processing.

We strive to do our best in pricing a large volume of merchandise, which is added to the sales floor each workday.

We have a built in price reduction system and because of this there is a wide variety of merchandise available at extremely reasonable prices.

We attempt to provide an atmosphere that makes for a pleasant and enjoyable workplace and thus employees are happier plus more effective and efficient in their productivity. test